How can I verify my ID?

You need to verify your ID once via the platform. You have two options to do so: through your bank or by uploading a photocopy of your ID. Only your name, address and place of residence will be checked for verification; this applies to both options. So you will not be asked to make any payment. 

Option 1: Verification via your bank

Step 1 As soon as you're logged in, you can verify your ID via iDIN. Just select your bank and click on 'verify'. 

Step 2 You'll be sent through to the website of your bank (this may take a few seconds). If you are not being forwarded to your bank's website, your browser may be blocking a pop-up. You can adjust this in your browser's settings, or you can try using a different browser.

After this, you just follow the steps your bank requires you to to provide the necessary personal data. After that, the ID check is 

Volg hierna verder de stappen die jouw bank aangeeft voor het verstrekken van de persoonsgegevens.  After this, the ID verification is pending and will be approved within a few working days. There will then be a blue icon under your profile picture:

Option 2: Upload a photocopy of your ID

It is also possible to verify your ID by uploading a photocopy of your ID or passport. This way, we'll also know who you are. Online paymentplatform takes care of the ID verification for Hlprs.

Step 1 Login and click on the orange button where it says 'upload a copy safely'. 

Step 2 A page of iDIN and Online payment platform opens in a new tab. Click here: 'Upload a copy of your ID or passport'. Here you can then choose whether you upload a passport or ID card. Don't forget to upload a photo of both the front and the back. Because this image still needs to be checked, it can sometimes take a little longer for your ID verification to be completed. Once the verification is complete, you will see the iDIN logo next to your name.